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Sustainable Tourism

"Laos will become a world renowned destination specializing in forms of sustainable tourism that, through partnership and cooperation, benefits natural and cultural heritage conservation and local socio-economic development, and spreads knowledge of Laos' unique cultural heritage around the world."

Every day, the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos) and international stakeholders work towards realizing this vision, and we invite you to visit this beautiful country and experience for yourself the splendid biodiversity and cultural heritage that makes Lao Ecotourism so special and unique.

Laos has a low population density; unspoiled, diverse ethnic lifestyles and traditions; and perhaps the richest, most extensive network of ecosystems on the Indochina Peninsula. More than 800 species of birds and 100-plus large mammals have been identified in Laos, with new species being discovered every year. Some of the more charismatic species include Tigers, Clouded Leopards, Douc Languar, Gibbons, the Irrawaddy Dolphin, Hornbills, Peafowls, Ibis, Crested Argus' and Silver Pheasants. more...



Ecoutourism laos

is purpose of this website is to provide travelers with information on nature and culture-based Tourism Activities in Lao PDR to help generate income for local communities, support natural and cultural protected areas, and minimize negative impacts on Lao's culture and environment.


Responsible Travel

As a traveler, you can assist with the sustainable development of the Lao PDR and help alleviate poverty by supporting community-based tourism. Below are five actions you can take to help make a difference while traveling in Laos...

Elephant Riding

Discover Oudomxay province with a choice of 1- to 3-day treks with home stays in a Khamu village organized by the Oudomxay Provincial Tourism Department. All tours start from the provincial capital of Oudomxay town (also called Muang Xay).

Community-based Ecotourism Programs

Package No. 1

3-Day Khamu Trekking in La District

Discover the real life in Oudomxay province and visit some natural attractions on this community-based trekking tour.

Spend two nights in two different Khamu ethnic villages and learn about their traditions, lifestyle and handicrafts.

This challenging trek touches on several natural attractions including Singkhma Buddha Cave, Luang Cave, a pristine limestone forest and the Houai Khai Waterfall.

Along the way, local guides explain traditional hunting skills, share their knowledge of the secrets of medicinal plants, and provide details on local farming.

Package No. 2

One-day walk around Oudomxay town

Explore the nature around Oudomxay town and enjoy the wonderful panorama over the Nam Ko basin from the mountains.

This one-day trip visits a Hmong village, the market in Phuu Khiew, Phou Toa Cave and the ethnic school of Oudomxay province in Ban Viengsa.

Package No. 3

Day-trip to Muang La

Immerse yourself in idyllic Muang La, just 28 km from Oudomxay town and a favorite destination of Lonely Planetauthor, Joe Cummins.

Muang La sits in the splendid Nam Phaak Valley, and offers cultural and natural attractions such as the famous Thai Lu Temple, Vat Prachao Singkham, the Muang La hot mineral water springs, traditional salt production, and typical Thai Lu architecture.

Muang La can also serve as the starting point for excursions to remote ethnic villages nestled among rice fields, forests and mountains.

Visitors heading to Muang La can take time out for a 2-hour walk to the Singkham Buddha Cave and the Khamu village of Samakhisay.

Package No. 4

Two- to three-day Chom Ong Cave Exploration

Explore Chom Ong Cave, a recently rediscovered natural attraction some 45 km from Oudomxay town near the Khamu Lu village, Chom Ongthai, which is known for its traditional handicraft production.

From the village, a one-hour walk leads up a creek, through rice fields and into a forest to Chom Ong Cave, the source of the Nam Kaang River.

Entering the cave system, trekkers can walk through large halls with heights reaching 35 meters and widths of 20 meters. The exploration of Chom Ong Cave takes about four hours and is a real adventure as the cave is still in its natural state. The entire cave system stretches along a 4 km long mountain ridge and has a parallel and interconnecting fossil and river passage. Chom Ong Cave was first explored in January 2009 to a distance of 11.3 km, and there are several wide open side passages remaining.

Package No. 5

Day-trip to Nam Kat Waterfall

Take a-day-trip from Oudomxay town (Muang Xay) through a rugged valleyand pristine forests to the beautiful Nam Kat Waterfall in the Houay Nam Kat Reserve, and enjoy a picnic lunch in the falls' beautiful.

Note: Access may be difficult during the rainy season due to bad road conditions, . Please contact Oudomxay Tourist Information for details.


All tours are guided by trained Lao nationals with proficient language skills.

For those interested in participating in one of these package tours or in finding more information about the programs and Oudomxay province, please visit Oudomxay Tourist Information.

Telephone: +856 (0)81 212483
Mobile: +856 (0)20 7870287
Fax: +856 (0)81 212 842
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: http://www.oudomxay.info/



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