Description: Don Daeng Island , located across the Mekong River from the ancient Vat Phou temple, is regionally famous for its giant fish trap. Those staying overnight on the island at the Don Daeng community guesthouse can ask the villagers to show them the giant fish trap and to demonstrate how it is used. The trap is basically a large bamboo woven basket with a wide open end that has a vine strap handle attached to it. The basket is submerged halfway under water and tied it to a stake or peg in the ground on the river bank. It is then filled with leafy branches of trees (any tree will do) and other fish attractants like buffalo bones. The open end must face the shore, and must also be under the water deep enough so that the fish can swim into it, hide in the leafy branches and nibble on the bait. The fish feel very safe and happy under the cover of the leafy branches and will stay there until it is time to drag the basket onto the shore. The trap is usually left overnight and dragged out in the early morning. When dragging the basket out of the water, you don't even get wet! Simply pull the vine handle from the river-bank and up comes a basket wriggling with fish.