Description: Two villages, Ban Natan and Ban Kong Lor located on either ends of the amazing 7.5 km long Kong Lor Cave in Khammouane Province, produce handmade cotton weavings and bamboo crafts. Ban Natan is well known for its intricate cotton weavings that are dyed using natural colors. Visiting the village (which offers overnight homestay), one can see the weavers working to produce commonly used products such as towels, scarves and skirts. Kong Lor village (which also has homestay available) has a variety of bamboo household products such as scabbards, fish baskets and others. Some of these items can be adapted and used as flower holders, containers or wall decorations. You can visit these villages on your own (refer to the map) or with a package tour booked out of the Provincial Guide Service in Thakek or with any major tour company.