Description: Many Khmu villages in Vieng Phoukha District produce a variety of unique handicrafts, including shoulder bags, baskets, bamboo items and traditional clothing. The main villages that produce these crafts that are accessible to visitors are Ban Nammang, Ban Nam Eng, and Ban Padaeng. Thong Piat is shoulder bag made from a natural vine and is commonly used by villagers to carry forest products such as bamboo or rattan shoots. These bags are very sturdy and can be used for carrying books and small equipment. The Khmu are known for their intricate bamboo and rattan baskets. The villages produce some small replicas of baskets for sale. Traditional clothes, which are often made from naturally dyed cotton, include farmer's shirts, cotton skirts and colorful women's tunics. Products can be purchased directly from the villagers or at the handicraft store located in the Vieng Phoukha market. Tours to the villages can be arranged through the Vieng Phoukha Guide Service.