Covering more than 40% of the Mekong 's catchment area, Laos has many excellent rivers that traverse dense jungle, deep gorges and sometimes flow through extensive cave systems.

Lao rivers can be either wild and challenging or mellow and mild depending on the season. They also vary considerably in their depths, some navigable all year round, and others revealing riverbed rocks when flows are slow and water levels low.

 The Khammouane Provincial Tourism Department has begun promoting "The Loop", a flexible 400-plus-km circuits that starts and ends in Thakhaek, and allows you to set the pace when taking in the provincial highlights.

 Explore the mountains and forests of Laos on a 1- to 3-day trek or longer, and visit remote ethnic villages, journey to hidden waterfalls and caves, spot birds and other wildlife and investigate ruins of ancient civilizations.

Laos’ 18 provinces present a diverse natural and cultural landscape with a myriad of ecotourism activities.