Visitors can travel through the Bolaven Plateau, famous for its cool climate and world class Arabica coffee, by motorbike or bicycle, and coffee beans can be purchased from villagers along the roadside. In Taoy district, travelers can visit ethnic villages and see traditional long houses, take boat rides on the Xe Lanong River, and go cycling on the Ho Chi Minh trail.

This district has very impressive natural attractions, although much of it is difficult to access, as roads are in poor condition for much of the rainy season.

For those interested in purchasing backstrap weavings or seeing how they are produced, visit Ban Houn located on Route 5.


Xe Pian National Protected Area

Location: Champasak and Attapeu, 2,400 sq km

Ecotourism Activities Available:
Trekking, bird watching and elephant riding.

Key Species: Tiger, banteng, irrawaddy dolphin, Asian elephant, gaur, sun bear, Asiatic black bear, yellow-checked crested gibbon. The Xe Pian-Dong Hua Sao NPA gibbon population is of major global conservation significance. Xe Pian has the highest number of birds recorded for any NPA. Seven of these species have not been recorded in any other protected area in Laos. Important species include the giant ibis, black ibis, sarus crane, white-winged duck and
the white rumped, long billed and red headed vulture.

Habitat: Forest types include evergreen, mixed evergreen and deciduous. Terrain is hilly and low with extensive areas of flatlands in the east and south at an altitude of 150 – 300 m. The Xe Kong plains in the east are dissected by three main rivers – the Xe Pian, Xe Khampho and near the northern and eastern perimeters, the Xe Kong. It contains numerous mainly seasonal wetlands. Drainage is largely south to Cambodia and north to the northern wetlands.

Access: The main access is by Road No. 13. South of Pakse at Km. 48, Route No. 6 heads east along the northern boundary of the NBCA, and then branches to several villages.


Dong Ampham National Protected Area

Location: Attapeu, 1,975 sq km

Key Species: Douc langur and buff-cheeked gibbon,fishing cat Asiatic golden cat, clouded leopard and tiger. Gaur, Trong Song muntjac and small populations of Asian elephants. There are a total of 280 bird species including Siamese fireback, crested argus and the woolly-necked stork & rufous-winged buzzard.

Habitat: Lowland evergreen, semi-evergreen, mixed deciduous and dry dipterocarp forests. Coniferous and broadleaf woodland, hill evergreen and semi-evergreen and fagaceous forests. Dong Amphan is situated in the Annamite Chain that runs along the Lao and Vietnamese border. These mountains are steep and rugged and give rise to numerous streams and rivers, which create small floodplain areas. The Nong Fa or crater lake is situated within the boundaries of the NPA. Elevation ranges from 120 - 2,052 m at Phou Pengmun.

Access: Dong Amphan is located in north-east Attapeu Province. It is very remote and mountainous. Access is mainly limited to dry season.