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Phongsaly Province

Location: Northern-most part of Laos, sharing borders with China and Vietnam.

Natural Protected Areas: Phou Den Din National Protected Area and Nam Lan Conservation Area

Main Ethnic Groups: Khmu, Tai Dam, Tai Daeng, Yao, Leu, Hor, Hmong, Akha, Yang,
Bid, and Lolo.

Highest Peak: Phou Doychy, 1,842 m

Ecotourism Attractions:
Phongsaly is a very remote province that has only just begun to be explored by tourists. It has tremendous potential for trekking, with its dramatic mountainous terrain, cool weather and a very diverse population of ethnic hill tribes. Large areas of the province’s forests in Phou Den Din National Protected Area are uninhabited and are reported to have lots of wildlife.

Treks in Boun Tai District head into the Nam Lan Conservation Area through thick jungle abundant with bird species. The journey stops at Ban Natan to enjoy some of the best hot springs in the country, and includes overnight stays in Akha, Tai Yang, and Lue villages. Treks are two and three days long and require the services of a trained local guide from the District Tourism Office.

One to four-day treks to visit Akha and Pu Noi villages are available from Phongsaly District. These are booked through the Provincial Tourism Office, which has a core of local trained guides. For those interested in adventurous boat travel, take the Nam Ou River from Phongsaly down to Luang Prabang Province.

Trekking in Phongsaly

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