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Salavan Province < < Back

Location: Southern Laos

Natural Protected Areas: Xe Pian and Dong Ampham

Main Ethnic Groups: Tahoy, Pako, Katang, Kado, Suay, Laven

Ecotourism Attractions: Local guides can be hired at resorts at Tad Lo Waterfall for day walks around the area. Visitors can also rent bicycles and ride to nearby ethnic Suay villages. Swimming is around the waterfall.

Visitors can travel through the Bolvaen Plateu, famous for its cool climate and world class Arabica coffee, by motorbike or bicycle, and coffee beans can be purchased from villagers along the roadside. In Taoy district, travelers can visit ethnic villages and see traditional long houses, take boat rides on the Xe Lanong River, and go cycling on the Ho Chi Minh trail.

This district has very impressive natural attractions, although much of it is difficult to access, as roads are in poor condition for much of the rainy season.

For those interested in purchasing back strap weavings or seeing how they are produced, visit Ban Houn located on Route 5.


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