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Eat Lao food - Purchasing fresh foods in the market and eating Lao dishes ensures that your money stays local and supports Lao farmers. When on a tour, request to eat in the village instead of taking food with you from town. This will provide villagers with income and you with an authentic Lao meal and tremendous cultural experience. Purchasing handicrafts in markets or villages directly supports local artisans and their traditional crafts. Taking a village guide and/or a local guide from town will makes your trip more enjoyable and educational, while helping employ local people. Look for packaged tours that include local guides, local food and local accommodation.  Staying overnight in a village as part of an organized tour provides a genuine experience with Lao culture and Lao people, Remember to compensate villagers for accommodation and for food and to visit villages with a local guide.  Visiting national protected areas help generate income and awareness to support the protection of threatened wildlife and forest ecosystems.

In addition, we recommend that you view the Do’s and Don’ts to learn about what you can do to minimize negative impacts on Lao culture and the environment and maximize your authentic Lao experience.



TigerTrail, Luang Phabang’s oldest Eco Tourism provider, now presents the Elephant Park Project. This initiative offers a range of exciting outdoor activities while supporting local communities and protecting Elephants.

The Elephant Park, on the banks of the Khan River 15km from Luang Phabang, is blessed with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Our Lao Spirit Resort provides superior accommodation in this beautiful park, all accessible by elephant rides managed by experienced mahouts. Come to learn about and get close to elephants, then explore the area along hiking/biking trails through forests, or with exciting river journeys by boat, raft or kayak. Take a trip to the magnificent Tad Se waterfall, and discover exotic cultures through homestay visits in traditional villages.

The Elephant Park has 25 activity combinations to choose from, or you can meet our experienced staff and create your own personal package.

Although historically known as the ‘land of a million elephants’, Laos is gradually losing its biggest and most regal animals to human development. The Elephant Park Project is investing in community-based eco-programmes in Luang Prabang to give Lao Elephants a new home. As forests disappear, the elephants used to log them can become neglected. Our aim is to give these elephants a brighter future!

So far six elephants have been freed from loggingwork and given a new home in the park. Experienced mahouts, and vets help the elephants adapt to their new environment. Sick or older elephants are given special attention. The Elephant Park Project plans to expand its refuge to more elephants. Younger animals will learn their eco-tourism skills at an Elephant Training Centre, and an Elephant Information House will explain to visitors how traditional technology can transform dung into bio-gas, fertilizer and natural hand-made
paper. Another future attraction is the Trail of Falls, a canopy garden with tree houses and an additional Elephant Station.

As well as protecting the Asian Elephant, all our eco-tours support the communities around the park. Guides, cooks, mahouts, and maintenance staff from the surrounding villages work at the Elephant Park, which also funded construction of the local water supply. Profits help fund the nearby Xieng Lom school.

A percentage of every Tiger Trail tour sold goes to the Elephant Park Project so all our customers help Elephant Conservation in Laos, whether you ride the elephants or not.

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