Description: The Lanten people of Luang Namtha Province produce a variety of unique handicrafts including natural paper, traditional clothing, shoulder bags, jewelry, masks and others. Natural bamboo paper is produced for making religious ceremonies and recording traditional texts. The paper can be seen being made in villages in October - December. Lanten still wear their traditional costumes and make them by hand using cotton fibers and indigo dye. Popular items are men's pants, dark colored jackets and women's tunics. Jewelry is also made in many villages, including traditional earrings and necklaces. Small bags with colorful designs are produced for sale,as well as small, replica ceremonial
masks and soapstone carvings. To purchase these handicrafts directly from villagers, visit Ban Nam Dee and Ban Nam Lue from Luang Namtha town by bicycle (see map). You can also visit Ban Nam Koy and Ban Nam Khone on a guided tour operated by the Namtha Guide Service.