Ecotourism in NEPL NPA is supported by the NGO Wildlife Conservation Society and has been designed to create positive impacts by encouraging local people to protect endangered wildlife such as tigers and their prey. The economic benefits to local communities from ecotourism activities in NEPL NPA are directly linked to the continued existence of wildlife as each reported sighting of wildlife by tourist results in a financial reward for the local guides (all former hunters and fisherman) and other villagers involved in the ecotourism project. 

Trekking tours in NEPL NPA is a unique opportunity to visit and stay overnight in the protected area’s core zone and view rare wildlife. The tour length varies between 2 to 5 days and along the trail clients have the opportunity to verify the wildlife camera traps that have captured photos of animals as dears, muntjacs, langurs, different cat species, bears etc. Read more about ecotourism in NEPL NPA on WWW.NAMET.ORG

Nam Et–Phou Louey National Protected Area is located in the north-east of Lao PDR and is covering three provinces (Luang Prabang, Houaphan and Xieng Khouang provinces).     

Muang Hiam (formerly Viengthong) in Houaphan province is the location of the Nam Et-Phou Louey NPA headquarters and Visitor Centre as well as is the meeting point for ecotours.  

Please visit the NEPL website to see the area map and transportation options

Visiting Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area is not only one of the few opportunities in Laos to view rare wildlife, but tourism also directly supports alternative livelihoods for local people and generates community support for conservation of tigers and other wildlife. Following ecotours have been developed by Nam Et-Phou Louey national protected area:

Nam Nern Night Safari 

(Easy 24 hour tour). This innovative journey by traditional long-tail boat offers some great nature activities that include bird watching, wildlife tracking, nighttime wildlife spotting, medicinal plant exploration and easy hiking. We are proud that this tour has won the prestigious ‘World Responsible Tourism Award’ both in year 2013 and 2014!




 Trekking Tours:

 ‘The Nests’

(Moderate/Hard trek - 2&3 days). Check wildlife camera traps along the trail and try your luck to spot wildlife from the observation tower at the nearby salt lick which attracts animals such as the rare Sambar deer from far and wide. Overnight in cosy spherical basket hanging from the trees. 








‘Cloud Forest Climb’  

(Challenging trek- 4&5 days).  Climb up to the summit (2257m) of Phou Louey (Forever Mountain) to one of the few cloud forests in the region. The trek goes through the evergreen forest and offers a rare opportunity to track wildlife species such as white-cheeked gibbon, leopards and bears using camera traps set up along the trail and maintained by tourists.




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