A mix of Agro-Tourism and Ecotourism, anything from one to three days, comprising any mixture of relaxation, trekking, nature, learning about coffee growing, jeep safari or homestay in a traditional village as: Laven and Suay villages.

Mr Khamsone, the owner of ‘Mystic Mountain Coffee’, he offers tours of his plantation and the surrounding areas, as well as a homestay in his traditional Laos home on hectares of coffee plantations on the Bolaven Plateau. Here is for who are interested in both coffee, and true culture, to take a visit to Mr Khamsone’s plantation and meet some of the people behind the famous Laos coffee.


One full day jeep tour, 1N/2Days or 2N/3Days on Bolaven Plateau! 1 hour from Pakse, the region of Paksong offers a beautiful overview of untouched nature.  During the journey, Mr. Khamsone – English speaking guide and coffee farm owner – will give you explanations about coffee plantations, from planting to roasting, finishing by a not-to -be -missed coffee testing (Robusta, Arabica and Typica). Then, trekking along coffee plantations, picnic lunch in a small riverside, discovering of vegetables fields and relaxing or swimming time at some remote and impressive waterfalls! The all interspersed by fun and unforgettable jeep tours. You will enjoy the adventure!