Ngoy District is the old city since Xiengthong Kingdom, located in the middle of Ou River. After new road was success that road was pass Nong Khiaw. So, people from Ngoy District were move to new community and settle down on Nong Khiaw. Nong Khiaw – Meuang Ngoy is around by Mountains and rivers, here are very peace full and beautiful natural. At Nong Khiaw – Meuang Ngoy is appreciate for trekking, swimming, boat riding, kayaking, sightseeing ethnic culture, wildlife and biodiversity. Climax of Nong khiaw – Meuang Ngoy is transportation; you can go by road or by boat that along Ou and Mekong Rivers as Lao people called: go by road is good, go by boat is well. If you go by boat you can visit Tham Ting Cave, a favorite Buddha Cave of Luangprabang at Ou delta, Pak-Ou village but it use time for 5 hours. If you go road on the No.13N road and then turn right at intersection Pak Mong to Nong Khiaw by road No. 1c. This way for 2 hours.

Wonderful nature cannot describe all of them; because this beautiful place is waiting you to have to touch by yourself and see by your eyes.